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Our attorneys can help San Diego residents pursue compensation through a class action or mass action lawsuit.  A class action claim involves multiple parties that appoint representatives to file a lawsuit on behalf of the group, usually against a single wrongdoing party.  This is common in cases involving dangerous consumer products or medicines that cause widespread illnesses. Mass actions are similar except that in these cases, each plaintiff maintains his own case and the collection of plaintiffs join together to make one larger lawsuit.

The attorneys at Pavone & Fonner LLP can represent your interests at every step of this process, helping you fight for the compensation you, and your compatriots, deserve.

Class action lawsuits are appropriate in situations in which people have suffered similar wrongs from a single event or use of a product, and where filing individual lawsuits may not be practical.  By joining together, the plaintiffs may have a better chance of securing appropriate compensation and damages. You have probably received a notice at one time or another that you could be eligible to join a class action suit.

Attorney Pavone is a seasoned trial lawyer. He is a graduate of Cornell University and UCLA School of Law. He has litigated civil actions in San Diego since his admission to practice in the 1990’s. In that time, counsel has tried numerous cases, won victories of all sorts and types, and advocated for all kinds of people and entities.

Pavone & Fonner utilizes a variety of support staff, by assembling a team of attorneys that fits the need of a particular legal effort. At times, Attorney Pavone has managed as many as 12 associate lawyers in prosecuting a case, but utilizes 1-3 associates for most matters.

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Tort law occurrs when a Crime can’t be defined, but one party may have Negligence because of action or in-action.

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