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Pavone & Fonner, LLP is a registered California limited liability partnership consisting of Attorney Benjamin Pavone and Attorney Kimberley Fonner, both of whom are experienced 20-year attorneys. The firm typically handles complex litigation.

pavone trial lawyer litagating courtroom san diegoAttorney Pavone is a seasoned trial lawyer. He is a graduate of Cornell University and UCLA School of Law. He has litigated civil actions in San Diego since his admission to practice in the 1990’s. In that time, counsel has tried numerous cases, won victories of all sorts and types, and advocated for all kinds of people and entities. Attorney Kimberley Fonner is also an experienced litigator, who worked at Wilson Sonsini in Palo Alto, California for 10 years and represented a variety of corporate and tech firms. Ms. Fonner is a graduate of Santa Clara University and Boalt Hall School of Law. Pavone & Fonner utilizes a variety of support staff, by assembling a team of attorneys that fits the need of a particular legal effort. At times, Attorney Pavone has managed as many as 12 associate lawyers in prosecuting a case, but utilizes 1-3 associates for most matters.  

Civil Rights Law Firm

Tort law occurrs when a Crime can’t be defined, but one party may have Negligence because of action or in-action.

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William Milton – Client

The Law Offices of Pavone & Fonner has courageously championed noble causes most firms wouldn’t dream of taking on. And they’ve done it on contingency basis.

They’re courageous, assertive, and authentically want to help people of all walks of life. They will not hastily abandon a fight. They will persevere and stay the course.

Christopher Gardner – Client

This guy has a heart that is fearless and solid as iron. He has the ability to assess the situation with his legal wisdom and discern between a viable case or an impracticable one…
I believe your choice to obtain legal representation with Ben Pavone will be an excellent one!

Lawrence Kerner – Client

Ben pavone has been looking out for our interest since 2008. It is extremely hard to get compensation from the state. This law firm has kept hundreds of us informed even 10 years later. Believe me this is a top notch law firm for all people seeking relief from any company big or small. They will fight for you…FACT!