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pavone trial lawyer litagating courtroom san diegoStrong and enforceable contracts are one of your most powerful tools as a business owner. Contracts protect your interests and ensure that each party involved with the transaction or agreement meets its obligations. When one party does not adhere to the terms of the contract, it is a direct threat to your financial and legal interests.

At Pavone & Fonner LLP, we help California businesses deal with issues related to preparation and enforcement of contracts and related matters. If a party fails to meet the obligations outlined in your agreement, this is breach, and our skilled litigation attorneys will diligently pursue damages or another remedies on behalf of your business.

Signing a contract creates obligations that both parties must fulfill. But these formalities are often followed by disputes and misunderstandings, which can require some level of legal intervention and occasionally corporate litigation.

Breach occurs when a party fails to meet contractual obligations in several ways:

  • A party fails to perform the duties of the contract on time.
  • One party does not pay for services or goods upon delivery.
  • One party fails to deliver physical goods or perform certain services as promised.

There are various ways to enforcement your business contracts.  One way may be through negotiation with the other party and pursuit of a mutually-satisfactory – non-litigation – solution. As necessary, we will assert the interests of your business through litigation.  Remedies for breach of contract may include a financial recovery measured as compensatory damages, cancellation of the contract or mandated enforcement of contract terms.

When breach of contract compromises the well-being of your San Diego business, our commercial litigation lawyers will serve as experienced legal allies in pursuit of a reasonable conclusion. We understand contract law and diligently prepare each case for trial, with the assumption and preference for an early resolution.

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