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California Employment Law tends to lean “pro-worker”.  Meaning California and San Diego Law favor workers. Workers are entitled to numerous rights and protections under California labor law, and can often reward and/or recover large penalties if employers violate those rights.

Employee Rights Law

Employers cannot force you to waive your rights from under California labor law. California labor code even prevents out of state agreements from trumping a California worker to accept labor laws of another state.

Some Employers even go as far as sometimes slipping a “choice-of-law” provision in contracts that are favorable for the company’s home state. These provisions are invalid and employees need to protect themselves.

Employee Grievances range in lost pay, lost commissions, wrongful termination, sexual harrassment, favoritism, passed over promotion, refusing to work in a hostile work environment, etc… KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

Employer Rights Law

The best way for employers to stay away from vexatious litigants ( those who sue to harrass defendants and/or employers) is to set up an “Action Plan” preventing potential miscommunications.  An Employee Manuel is essential for employers to protect their assets and defend against potential pitfalls. Yes, these ideas take time to set up and manage but you may save yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawsuits, penalties, and more importantly your sanity.

Many employers each year go out of business not for having a poor product or service but for a lack of employee policy to regulate workplace grievances that unnecessarily escalate. Nip all your HR problems in the bud by setting up these company directives. 

Hopefully implementing some of these features in your company you may be able to win or mitigate your losses. If not please do call with any employee law questions.


Wrongful Termination

Disagreements in the workplace can sometimes lead to wrongful termination. Don’t be intimidated by superiors or co-workers.

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