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Pavone & Fonner are experienced litigators, having handled hundreds of cases of almost every variety, from the early years of small claims scrapes to today’s multi-forum galactic battles waged throughout the country’s highest appellate courts.   We build your case from its inception, through investigation, to settlement demand, lawsuit, trial and multiple appeals as necessary. We put out some of the highest quality written work in California. We can assemble a team of almost any size to fit the needs of the case, and although usually only one or two lawyers are necessary to press a matter, we have led a team of over a dozen lawyers in pursuit of just causes.  We win, we lose, we try again, but we consistently fight tooth-and-nail for the best possible outcome, for you, dear client.

Attorney Pavone is a seasoned trial lawyer. He is a graduate of Cornell University and UCLA School of Law. He has litigated civil actions in San Diego since his admission to practice in the 1990’s. In that time, counsel has tried numerous cases, won victories of all sorts and types, and advocated for all kinds of people and entities.

Attorney Kimberley Fonner is also an experienced litigator, who worked at Wilson Sonsini in Palo Alto, California for 10 years and represented a variety of corporate and tech firms. Ms. Fonner is a graduate of Santa Clara University and Boalt Hall School of Law.

Pavone & Fonner utilizes a variety of support staff, by assembling a team of attorneys that fits the need of a particular legal effort. At times, Attorney Pavone has managed as many as 12 associate lawyers in prosecuting a case, but utilizes 1-3 associates for most matters.

Litigation Law Firm

Tort law occurrs when a Crime can’t be defined, but one party may have Negligence because of action or in-action.

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