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Pavone & Fonner, LLP is a registered California limited liability partnership consisting of Attorney Benjamin Pavone and Attorney Kimberley Fonner, both of whom are experienced 20-year attorneys. The firm enjoys the challenge of complex litigation, but also understands the idea of trust. Pavone & Fonner has earned that trust and may take on those less delicate legal matters for past clients.

Law Experience

Attorney Pavone is a seasoned trial lawyer. He is a graduate of Cornell University and UCLA School of Law. He has litigated civil actions in San Diego since his admission to practice in the 1990’s. In that time, counsel has tried numerous cases, won victories of all sorts and types, and advocated for all kinds of people and entities.

Attorney Kimberley Fonner is also an experienced litigator, who worked at Wilson Sonsini in Palo Alto, California for 10 years and represented a variety of corporate and tech firms. Ms. Fonner is a graduate of Santa Clara University and Boalt Hall School of Law.

Pavone & Fonner utilizes a variety of support staff, by assembling a team of attorneys that fits the need of a particular legal effort. At times, Attorney Pavone has managed as many as 12 associate lawyers in prosecuting a case, but utilizes 1-3 associates for most matters.

Pavone & Fonner are in your corner so feel free to give us a call so we may put your mind at ease with EXPERT legal advice. We will listen with our thousands of hours of legal advice in all spectrums of the law.

No matter the type of case, the commitment of the firm is to prepare high quality, detailed legal work as reflected by our experience in achieving the best outcome for our clients.

Litigation Attorney

Because of the two partners’ wide experience, the firm is competent to handle a variety of litigation matters throughout San Diego, Southern California, California, and even nationally.  Our team will fight for you, and with you, every step of the way so you may focus on the other of life’s many responsibilities as we solve your legal dilemma .  We strongly emphasize that we will protect you today, and tomorrow.

Attorney Pavone has brought and tried fraud, breach, personal injury, civil rights, real estate disputes, probate, and shareholder and corporate actions.

Counsel is extensively experienced in appellate practice and routinely seeks and obtains permission to litigate in other courts and forums in order to manage complex litigation.

In one recent case, counsel obtained permission to appear in Indiana in order to ensure continuity that was otherwise litigated in a California probate court, federal and appellate forums.

Pavone & Fonner also periodically partners with other firms including one notable effort in which Attorney Pavone led a team consisting of five separate law firms in pursuit of relief for several hundred mass tort claimants.


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We are here to give you a fighting chance. Please contact us so we can help you with our legal expertise. Together we have over 50 years of experience.

Legal News

The law is organic and constantly moving. Pavone & Fonner want to help you traverse the legal jungle. 

Challenge Qualified Immunity

Challenge Qualified Immunity

Government, Constitutional Law Civil Rights Oct. 30, 2019 Attempts to challenge qualified immunity are ramping up among attorneys and activists Of the numerous 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals cases that upheld qualified ed immunity for public defendants this year,...

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Valley Fever Petition U.S. Supreme Court for Relief

Valley Fever Petition U.S. Supreme Court for Relief

For more than a decade, lawsuits have been piling up against California from inmates who contracted the fungal disease valley fever while incarcerated in state prison. Most plaintiffs have lost. Now, many of them are turning to a higher court.

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The ABC’s for Suing A Bad Business Partner

The ABC’s for Suing A Bad Business Partner

Has your Business Relationship/Partnership grown stale or maybe even salty? Don’t be taken advantage of! Talk to an Attorney who specializes in Business Litigation. By preparing for “that” day you will have all ready “locked & loaded”.

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Personal Injury – Statue of Limitations

Personal Injury – Statue of Limitations

THE QUIETLY DISPOSITIVE WORLD OF ACCRUAL "Accrual of claims refers to the day on which an event that caused an alleged liability is deemed to have occurred. A statute of limitations is said to start running at the time a claim accrues." - USLegal, Inc Most prospective...

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Our Areas of Practice

Finding the right lawyer for your situation is half the battle. An ethical lawyer will only represent those they can represent with confidence from experience.

Business Law

Business Law or Commercial Law is law that governs all business and commerce.

Civil Rights Law

Laws that give citizens of a society certain rights and social freedoms within that society.

Probate Law / Wills

Law that handles the responsibilities and assets of a departed loved one.

Real Estate Law

Laws that focus on the buying and selling of land.

Wrongful Death

When a person believes that a loved one’s death was responsible because of one’s actions or in-actions.

Class Action Lawsuit

Employment law encompassing all areas of the employer/employee relationship. 

Litigation Law

Laws that focus on the buying and selling of land.

Contract Law

Verbal agreements are nice, but unfortunately Contracts are necessary.

Criminal Law

Categorized Laws established by local and federal governments to adhere society.

Tort Law

Tort law occurrs when a Crime can’t be defined, but one party has Negligence in the Act. 

Employment Law

Employment law encompassing all areas of the employer/employee relationship. 


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